2016 Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

The first chart of our top mobile spy apps list belongs to Mspy. We recommend Mspy as the most reliable and powerful mobile tracking app.


If you are choosing this kind of software, it’s essential to figure out what exactly you’re looking for and how well it will work on your target mobile device. We have reviewed the top cell phone tracking applications to provide the info that will give you clues to make the right choice.Don’t be scammed with unfair companies! If you had a bad experience please let us know in a comment or by email! We take into consideration every feedback you give to help others, who are looking for cell phone tracking software.In cellphone spyware industry, it is hard to be sure what works and what doesn’t. Please drop us a line of your own experience, if you have already tested one of these products! Sharing is caring.

Top 3 Best Mobile Spy Apps

mspy for phone

#1 mSpy

mSpy is a cross-platform mobile tracking solution with a rich functionality and top-notch customer service 24/7. Apart from basic tracking features, it offers keystrokes logging, capturing IM chats, anti-theft options, blocking incoming calls, etc.

#2 Spybubble

SpyBubble is a cell phone tracker with a long but still not exhaustive list of features, and with a ticket support system instead of live chat. Its popularity is due mostly to affiliate marketing and low price.


#3 Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is one more cell phone tracker with a huge customer base, which is not surprising considering their low prices.You can expect regular updates from this company. However, their customer support leaves much to be desired, although most of Mobile Spy’s features work fine.

What is a cell phone tracker?

Mobile tracking is a relatively new technology that is increasingly growing in popularity. When smartphone activities cause worry or danger, you can turn to cell phone spying software to help prevent potential dangers. With a mobile phone spy that logs smartphone data, you get easy access to all incoming and outgoing messages, emails, photos & videos, web browsing history, call details, chat messages, GPS locations, and more.

Why is it used?

Think of a cell phone spying app as a dynamic piece of software that can be of immense benefit to different categories of users.Employers, for example, can use cell phone tracking software to monitor their staff. Some employees might use company-owned smartphone or tablets for playing games, writing personal emails, browsing entertainment website during office hours. Sure, that’s unacceptable, and the employer has the right to know whether employees are doing what they are paid for. What’s more, some workers could be selling trade secrets or other confidential corporate data to agents from competitors, and a cell phone tracker can easily detect it.Parents who find it hard to control their kids can use mobile tracking apps to be sure they stay out of any dangerous activities. With cell phone spy apps, parents can monitor their children’s messages, track their whereabouts, restrict calls from suspicious contacts, etc.

How does it work?

Cell phone spying apps need to be installed onto the target smartphone or tablet that runs one of the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. When it comes to iOS, the target iPhone must be jailbroken to be able to run third-party applications; otherwise you won’t be able to install the mobile tracking software of your choice onto it.To install the software you need physical access to the target device. As soon as everything is set up, captured data will be sent to a secure web account accessible for the cell phone spy app user from any Internet-enabled device. Most mobile trackers operate in a stealth mode and can’t be detected by the target phone user.

Cell Phone Tracking Software: Evaluation criteria


Cell phone spying apps with low usability do not belong in the mobile software tracking industry. Installation and use should be smooth and stress-free even for non-technical people. Also, considering the limited battery resources of smartphones, the best mobile tracking apps should not be power-hungry, especially if you are going to use this software undetectably. Regular software updates are vital as well. Our website is 100% neutral since we don’t receive commissions from cell phone tracking vendors. Our mission is to provide you with unbiased reviews on the top players in mobile monitoring industry. We will help yaaou work out who is offering the best deal.


Here everything depends on what your cell phone tracking needs are. Looking for a parental control solution? Then choose a cell phone spy with such features as geo-fencing; blacklisting for calls, installed apps and websites; keywords alerts, anti-theft options, and the like. Need a cell phone spy for monitoring employees? Then look for a powerful GPS tracker with such extra features as logging Skype, Facebook, BB, iMessage, Viber chats, and Phone Gallery. Why? To make sure no confidential data gets outside of the company and to find out how productive employees really are. Searching for a tool to monitor someone else on the device that you do not own without the user consent?? Well, you’d better stay away from such monitoring – your actions might be regarded as a criminal offence.


Technical assistance is supposed to be provided on a top-notch level when it comes to mobile monitoring applications. Ideally, there should be diversity of support channels, easy-to-browse FAQs and comprehensive cell phone tracking software documentation.

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