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Best Computer Monitoring Software for Parents

With the easy accessibility of harmful and inappropriate material over internet like porn sites, unfitting images and videos it has become a challenge for parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children when they are not around. Multiple software and tracking applications have been launched in the market which efficiently monitor the actions of your children and track their GPS location, but many of them are not compatible to the pc or computer and lack some features which parents want in monitoring software. Monitoring software must be capable of supervising web surfing, filtering the content, blocking multiple websites, supporting the device and providing backup.

Best Solution for child protection

Among the various applications for child protection mSpy is considered the best for its satisfactory results and outstanding features. Let’s have a glance at its services and offers.

1. Monitoring

mSpy provides precise monitoring of internet surfing, web history, keystrokes, sent and received messages, incoming and outgoing voice calls/ video calls, emails, conversations and list of people with whom your child is having chats, internet messages, all activities over social networks and all installed/ used applications.

2. Visuals/ Alerts

mSpy sends real-time alerts in the form of screenshots, mails and messages to the end user. You can get all the details from your mSpy account.

3. Different Modes

mSpy offers its user to select a mode of his choice. It can be set on stealth mode to avoid theft, scheduled monitoring mode, remote monitoring mode and filter mode. All these modes have different settings and options.

4. Filtering & blocking

This feature includes filtering of web contents like websites, messages, mails, games, password detection, keystrokes detection and limiting the usage of internet by defining a time limit.

5. Supported OS

mSpy is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and MAC OS.

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