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Best IPhone Parental Control App for your Family

All parents care for their children and want them to be a good member of the society. For managing the time of internet usage and preventing the children from surfing inappropriate websites parents were using control panel and web settings of PC in the past. But with the progression in technology and availability of laptops and tabs to every next kid it has become very tough for parents to monitor theiractivities all the time. For the convenience of parents and safety of kids mSpy was plunged as a best parental control app. This app enables the parents to remain up to date with the activities of their kids and add or restrict any website with a single tap.

Basic aim of launching mSpy

Basic aim of launching mSpy was to provide all the parents a superb control app for iPhone, iPod and iPads to set a time limit for your children and to stop them from excessive use of internet so that they can also focus on their studies and spend time with family. With this app parents can easily set up a schedule for internet, block all the inappropriate content and apply filters.

The purpose of this app is to make children responsible through technology. It has been proven a very healthy technique that parents could check their children phone/ device for developing good habit of using technology within a limit. By this app parents can make a unique schedule which could match the routine of all family members to establish a balanced environment.

Limit the use of internet and apps

internet usage limitsmSpy can be used to limit internet usage so that downloading or playing online games can be limited, as for some kids games become an addiction and for stopping them it’s necessary to specify a time. Internet is a place where your children find new things, information and also meet new people. Checking your children phone and controlling internet usage is a way to tell them what is good for them and what is not. Parents can lock the devices of their children by using their dashboard when they want their kids to disconnect from their phones or tablets.

Characteristics of mSpy

  • mSpy can be used to disable games and apps which are inappropriate and unfitting photos from social media can also be restricted.
  • It blocks the access to internet after the specified time limit is finished.
  • More than 30 categories can be blocked from explicating harmful content.
  • Apps and websites can be hidden or blocked very easily.
  • mSpy can lock the device at specified time.
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