Can I Spy on Non-Rooted Android Device?

The battle between Android and iOS rages on, with no signs of stopping. Android purists have always loved the fact that they can customize their devices in endless ways and use them in a much more personal manner than they can ever use their iPhones.

Apart from the well-known advantages of Android phones, there are some that get sidelined sometimes, but are still very important for some people. One such benefit is that it is possible to spy on Android phones, without gaining root access unlike an iPhone requires.

Parents’ Choice

This reason is enough to steer parents towards getting Android phones for their young children whom they wish to keep an eye on. Many children today want smartphones from a very young age, and parents have to make that difficult decision. Knowing that they can easily track their children’s activities however, without having to undergo the risks of rooting their phones, makes it easier for them.

Spying Made Easy

Having the ability to spy on non-rooted Android phones makes it easy even for employers who are getting company devices for the employees. It’s very simple to start tracking a non-rooted Android device, as all the user needs to do is install one of the best spying apps available on to the target phone.

Everything from Phone Calls to Location

Android spy apps let you do a lot with no hassle at all. After setting up the app on the target device, you will have to make an account where all the gathered data will be synced. You can then easily access this data at any time in a safe online environment.

Spy apps will allow you to track:

  • Phone calls and text messages, including those sent over apps like WhatsApp and Viber.
  • Contact lists
  • Emails that have been sent or are received.
  • Web history, for those parents who don’t want their children visiting the wrong sites.
  • Social applications like Facebook and Skype.
  • The phone’s location so you know exactly who your teenage daughter is hanging out with or where your employee is taking ‘lunch breaks’.

There are a lot more you can do with some spy apps other than these basic features. Some allow you to record phone calls and take screenshots of the phone’s screen when a certain keyword is entered, while others go as far as wiping off a phone completely at your will.

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