Facebook finally found it necessary to pay attention to cyberbullying problem on its platform

So, it’s time for a major upgrade of Facebook’s Safety Center and everything related to it. In order to open new, more effective instruments of war against cyberbullying. There was a new update, which will not be left without attention of everyone. The reason is that all Facebook’s users will see Bullying Prevention Hub now.
Bullying Prevention Hub is a universal tool for children, their parents and teachers of all levels (from elementary school to college). It contains useful info to solve cyberbullying problems and other similar online incidents. This system was created by Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence four years ago and today unites the efforts with more than 60 important partners in various fields.

What does the service offers us?

Now each Facebook user can control his social experience using some tips. There are also recommendations for safe and secure sharing and this is only a piece of features. It is important that the center offers a number of step- by-step video instructions on how to make Internet presence safer, which are recorded in more than 50 languages.

After a quick info survey you’ll notice that the advice is too obvious for public promotion of this Facebook’s project as the defining center of protection. Here you will find many obvious clichés, such as “this can happen to anyone and with your child too” or “first of all
stay calm if you saw the fact of bulling your kid online”. But if you delve into the reading,
you will open more serious thoughts as a reward.

As we may know the problem of social content use became a big issue on this platform after a number of serious incidents. The most resonant of them was a user’s murder during his online broadcast at Facebook Live. Think, do your children need to see something terrible like that accidentally, and your current internal issue like

Why do they see any serious problems here?

Facebook’s security service head Alex Stamos has explained the current policy of the company with the importance of monitoring and prediction the situations that provokes the use of any new services. This is the only way to develop the right tools in time to solve serious problems and build a reliable system for protecting users (not to block services totally).

Stamos`s speech took place at the cyber security forum in Nigeria about two months after Mark Zuckerberg`s business trip to this country. Head Facebook came here to discuss some questions of online security development in region with his African colleagues and some other related people. The result of the trip was important partnership agreements in this context.

Also there was a statement about the importance of eradicating the most primitive problems of using the computer and the Internet at the domestic and corporate levels.

Good examples of problems include the use of unreliable passwords that are easy to pick up, as well as the use of obsolete hardware and software to log in. Today Facebook checks for suspicious entries in the automatic mode, but the situation is not being solved at the moment by 100%. 4,000 privacy checkups is a number of today at Facebook. All minimal inconsistencies contribute to a temporary ban of suspicious accounts.

All this says that Facebook is no longer sitting idly by, but actively resolves the existing industry problems. Let`s hope that the giant`s fuse will last for a long time. And preferably, let it be preserved for good.

In the end, the biggest part of the communicative array here is positive discourse basing on results of observations. People have a benevolent and adequate charge and contribute to the commensurate quality of the response from those around them online. And this says that Facebook should maintain its position as a worldwide place for quality communication. Also on the site there was an environment where people themselves are massively interested in process of building a quality and respectful communication field.

If automation is powerless, people reports about problems by themselves.
Its all the same as watching the cleanliness around you, not throwing trash on the ground, but online.

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