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mSpy is an elite mobile monitoring solution with multi-function capabilities and top-notch 24/7 customer service. In addition to basic monitoring features such as Email, Call Logs, and Browsing History, mSpy also offers Keystrokes Logging, IM chat viewing, anti-theft options, blocking incoming calls, and more.


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  • Call Logs
  • Browsing History
  • GPS Tracking
  • Calendar
  • Email
  • Text Messages
  • Phone Gallery
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • iMessage chats
  • Apps Blocking
  • Website Blocking
  • Remote Locking
  • Device Wipeout
  • Incoming Calls Blocking
  • Unlimited Device Change
  • SIM change notification
  • App Remote Deactivation
  • Keylogger


Customer support is available by email, phone and live chat 24/7. A comprehensive FAQ page to answer customer’s most commonly posed questions, demo videos, as well as a regularly updated blog filled with useful information, are additional amenities offered on the official website.

Compatible platforms

This application runs on iOS, Android, and BB devices.


They offer Basic and Premium packages. $29.99; $59.99 (1 and 3 months for Basic package); $69.99; $119.99 and $199.99 (1, 3, 12 months for Premium package). The option of a 1 month trial subscription is a very good marketing decision, as many people do not want to commit to something they have not verified to be useful to them.

The packages are all in all a good investment of your money.

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37 thoughts on mSpy

  • Paula

    Does it work on tracking web history/ browser history if they are using incognito or a safe browser, without the phone being rooted?

    • admin Post author

      Hi Kimberly,
      Unfortunately, no. After purchasing and registering it, you need to manually download and install the application on the device you want to monitor – this is the only time when you need physical access to it. Usually it takes 5 minutes, depending on your Internet connection. Last thing you need to do, is to reboot the phone after installation.

    • admin Post author

      Hi john camo,
      The restriction tool for incoming call and texts is available on the control panel of the website.
      If you need to track 2 phones you should know that:
      – With one Basic or Premium mSpy subscription, you can track one target device only.
      – However, you can change the target device as many times as you want without any additional fees.
      – To be able to track up to 2 devices at the same time, purchase a separate mSpy subscription for each device.

  • john

    does it hide the cidya and mspy icon from IOS? Do all functionailities work correct in iphone 4 running 7.0.2 (not 4s)? Does the device show any pop up stating monitor is being monitorized? Will mSpy policie concerning these questions change? If it will change, will you reimburse me back?

    • admin Post author

      Hi John,
      1. mSpy works absolutely stealthy, there is no icon in IOS.
      2. The device also does not show any pop up notifications.
      3. It works stable on any version of iPhone.
      4. For the latest news, please check the official website blog.
      5. If you want to hear the latest changes, please contact tech support call center and they will answer all your questions.

    • admin Post author

      Hey Zach,

      Yes, it is possible!
      Currently we are preparing detailed article about installing app without jailbreak, so stay tuned.

  • zach

    Oh okay! That’t good news. have just bought new iphone 6 plus and iphad air 2. Would you be kind to to tell me how to install it without jailbreaking it because am hoping to install it before handing over to my little brother.

  • Gavin

    Dumb question but, “will it continue to track a device when either of the two phones are ever turned off? If so, “will it update as soon as the phone/device is powered back on?

    • admin Post author

      Hi Gavin,

      Unfortunately, when a monitored phone is turned off, application can’t track it. It synchronizes once device is turned on.
      For more detailed technical info you can contact their support team.

  • Jimmy

    Hello, I am traveling to Costa Rica for 10 months and plan on purchasing an android phone with a local phone number and was wondering if I could install MySpy on my new phone? Will I be able to monitor the phone while traveling throughout Latin America and/or back in the USA?

    • admin Post author

      Hello Jimmy,

      Good question! Actually, there should be no issues with travelling between countries and even switching SIM cards, as long as you have mSpy installed on the physical device and internet connection for syncing purposes.

    • admin Post author

      You will be able to get a detailed call log with information about incoming/outgoing calls, numbers, duration and dates.

  • Pirate Wench

    Hey, if someone can help me with this, and I’m able to find the stolen Galaxy S2 that was taken from my house that would be great.
    It was a Sprint phone. I just cut services from the phone off a couple months before, and moved to verizon.
    So, no number is assigned to the phone now, but WiFi

    Doesn’t it have a IP number to the phone?
    Isn’t the number always the same?
    The Google map helped until account was taken off.

    No app was on the phone to find if lost.
    Help me find the phone please. I think I know who did it. But have to prove it

    • admin Post author

      Unfortunately without having Google account active and no tracking app installed it is pretty hard to track it down. However you can still use some methods, try paragraphs 5 or 6 from this article

  • Andy

    Two questions;
    1) Can I get this on a Samsung Galaxy s5 without jailbreaking?
    2) Does google live have to be active and on to track?

    Waiting your reply

    • admin Post author

      Samsung Galaxy doesn’t need a jailbreak, since it is only required for Apple devices. The features for rooted and non-rooted Android devicea vary though.
      Google live isn’t necessary for this app

  • JustMe

    If the phones data is turned off will it still log all calls and text messages? Also will is log all conversations through third party applications such as gaming networks like hive or specific games like summoners wars etc? One more question if the phones gps or tracking is on does the data have to be working for all updates to hit my dashboard?

    • admin Post author


      The answer to your questions you can find on mSpy website in the section FAQ. Please visit it for more details. In case you can find the answer, contact mSpy support team.


    • admin Post author

      Hello Ray,

      mSpy software works on non-jailbroken device, however tracking functions are limited in this case. Everything depend on what you need to monitor. Please check their Buy now page, there is the full list of mSpy functions and it is written there, if your device should be jail-broken.



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