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Retina-X Studios is a reliable company which started as a web consulting and design operation in July 1997. Located in Jacksonville, the USA, it specializes mainly in monitoring software applications. Its long standing in the market adds to the trust in the product. Besides, professional-looking, definitely expensive, well-thought out site design adds to the image of a successful company.



  • Definitely unique – Phone Time Restriction, Call Time Restriction.
  • Relatively unique – Apps Blocking, Website Blocking, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Email Relay, Keyword Alerts, Remote Deactivation, Geo Fencing.


Such features as keylogger, call recording, Viber and Facebook monitoring work on Android only.


At the moment, support officially offered by Retina-X Studios covers live online support and video guides. Support tickets for uncommon troubles are answered by Email within 24 hours or less. You can find an impressive list of FAQs and comprehensive answers on their website.

Drawbacks: No round-the-clock shifts. Besides, the attitude of their customer support representatives seems to be not professional enough.

Compatible platforms

This application is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile 6.x, Symbian OS 9.x devices.


Target audience include corporate businesses and private entrepreneurs (pricing is 299$ per year); though definitely, the main target audience is parents (89$ per year), as the pack of specialized features allows them to exercise active control and prevent undesirable online actions of their children. The user guide and regular updates of the product are available at the site.

Non-emphasized drawbacks: unavailability of short-term subscription options – you can subscribe for 1 year only.


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4 thoughts on PhoneSheriff

  • M. Vasquez

    I purchased PhoneSheriff 3 months ago on a six month license. The app has always been glitchy It would sporadically stopp logging texts every couple of weeks, or would log texts repeatedly up to 50-100 times. I had to submit a work order each time and it usually took a few days to a week to get it fixed. Also, I had reported that some features of my PS never worked from day one, such as Gmail, photos, calendar. These issues were never addressed.

    PhoneSheriff completely stopped working on 10/14/2014. At this time, no data was being logged in the Control Panel. I submitted an online support ticket and they never responded to it. A few days later, the entire PS website seemed to be down. You could not contact the support center, place a new order, or even browse through their website. On 10/22/14, after being down for more than a week, I finally got through to a customer service agent via Live Chat. They informed me that PhoneSheriff was undergoing “server issues” and I would have to give it 12 business hours for everything to be back up and running. The service never came back up. I contacted the Support desk again via live chat a few days later. This time, they informed me that there had been an “upgrade” and I would have to manually uninstall the app from the device and re-install the “upgrade” version. I tried to go in and uninstall the software from the phone and it always gave me a “Communication Error” and I still have not been able to uninstall the old, inactive software.

    Furthermore, when the website was finally back up and running, I read the fine print of the updated PhoneSheriff features, and it states that it DOES NOT operate in stealth mode, as it did previously. There is now what they call a “tamper-proof icon” that shows up on the phone to let the user know they are being monitored. The new updated PS app also shows up in the list of Applications, whereas it was undetectable before. So I paid for a stealth app, and halfway through the license period, the features of the app changed and it is no longer available in stealth mode.

    Finally, my control panel completely stopped working. When I tried to log in, it gave me an error message saying that my email was not on file, and I would have to re-register from scratch for the new “upgrade” version. This meant that all the data that was logged in the original version was erased and unrecoverable. There was no warning that this was going to happen, and I didn’t have the opportunity to copy and save the data elsewhere.

    In the end, I do not want to install the new app, which they are referring to as an “upgrade”. It is NOT an upgrade if stealth mode is no longer available, and if all the logs have been wiped, and if there is a forced upgrade with no warning. It is a downgrade in features, and not at all what I paid for. When I asked the agent in Live Chat Help about the stealth change, I received the following answer:

    “Due to circumstances outside of our control, over the past few weeks our product sites have frequently been down and reset as some changes were made in order to comply with new market regulations.
    We realize that we should have better communicated what was happening to you. However, due to the nature of the new market regulations, we made the decision to make the necessary changes without delay. Please know that it was never our intention to leave you uninformed, and we appeal to you humbly to accept our heartfelt apology.
    The new update to the software is being implemented not because we want to take away your ability to monitor your child or employee in the way that you always have been, but because we are compelled to make sure that the software is being used in the right way that is allowed, and for the right reason.”

    I will not be installing any new version of PhoneSheriff. I will be shopping around to find a new app that will do what it promises, which will run in stealth mode in order to keep track of my clever 15 year old son. PhoneSheriff was a waste of money, and all the product reviews on it need to be updated to reflect the fact that stealth mode is not available any longer.

    -Dissatisfied Customer


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