How to Spy on Mobile Phone?

If you wish to spy on mobile phone free, don’t expect to get all the tracking information with accuracy and in a timely manner. Flexispy is the answer to your question for how to spy on mobile phone calls and know about all the cell phone usage in detail. Flexispy is the leading service provider for spying on smartphones and getting to know about all the activities of the target user.

Flexispy works similar to all spying software apps available online. Like the rest, this software:

  • needs to be physically installed on the target mobile device
  • requires that the device has Internet connection most of the time
  • sends all the captured logs from the phone to a secure web account
  • is subscription-based

Spying on mobile phone location through Flexispy is done through the spy app being downloaded and installed on the cell phone being monitored. Flexispy cell phone spying system helps to track and monitor data in user friendly manner. It has multiple tools: SMS tracking, email tracking, GPS locator, call logs, multimedia message tracking and much more in a comprehensive package. The data is sent through internet on Flexispy servers and it reaches the user through control panel details provided by the company. Now, if you worry about how to spy on mobile phone text messages, then it is not a big matter now.

Features offered by Flexispy spyware?

Flexispy gives best features for all the mobile phone tracking functions. Some important features are:

  • Call logs (Incoming or Outgoing Calls)
  • SMS, email and IM tracking of messages and multimedia data
  • Stealth photos
  • Internet usage
  • …& much More

There are many features offered by Flexispy phone tracking software. It is easy to install the software on target device and for personal usage, it is not mandatory to let the user know that they are being spied. However, for business spying, it is compulsory to let the target user know about installing spy on mobile phone free.

Steps to follow, if you wanna spy for somebody cell phone:

Choose the right subscription plan according to your usage: Basic or Premium plans can be chosen for a specific period and payment should be made accordingly. Flexispy doesn’t give free trials, but it comes with a 10-day money back guarantee.

Check compatibility of target handset: Flexispy offers best spy software plans for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry handsets. If you have queries regarding handset compatibility, you can check out the website page for the same. It is also feasible to contact customer care representatives to clarify your doubts to be sure about the compatibility issues of the target device with the software.

Buy subscription from Flexispy official website: Once you are sure about the handset, you can purchase personal or business subscription from Flexispy official website and get the appropriate package for the target device tracking and monitoring purpose.

Download the app and install it on the target device: You will require physical access to the target mobile for installing Flexispy app on it. There is no way to remotely install spying software and one time access is needed for installing the setup. iDevices need to be jailbroken for installation of Flexispy and for other devices, it is very easy as well. Flexispy doesn’t give any popup messages or notifications to the target users after installation. It is feasible for the subscriber to spy invisibly on any mobile through this spying software.

Control panel for viewing logs: Flexispy control panel is provided to the subscriber for getting all the information about target device with time, date, sender/receiver details or multimedia messages. You can sign in on your control panel through your own mobile phone, web browser, PC, iDevice or laptop.

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