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How Can I Monitor WhatsApp Messages?

Monitoring your child’s or employee’s WhatsApp messenger is no longer an impossible task. With monitoring software, you can access all the WhatsApp chats and multimedia messages sent and received on a user’s cell phone.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM chat services, allowing users to download the app on mobile phones to send messages, pictures, videos, audio, contacts and even GPS location details. It requires only an internet connection and is free of charge for unlimited messaging. This messenger is popular among teenagers as well as people of all ages. Once you have WhatsApp installed on your device, you can start sharing information with other WhatsApp users instantly.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages On A PC

Monitoring WhatsApp is most relevant for parents and business owners. Cell phone monitoring software apps can help you supervise all data shared through WhatsApp. You will have access to all message content with time, date and sender/receiver details. All WhatsApp data use will be stored on a web-based control panel which you can check from any computer or mobile device that has an Internet connection. WhatsApp monitoring puts parents at ease knowing their kids are behaving responsibly on chat apps and employers in charge of company data security by preventing leaks and dissemination of files to third parties.

Requirements For Use

Make sure that the iPhone or iPod you wish to monitor is jailbroken – if it’s not, you won’t be able to tmonitor WhatsApp messages. Android devices need to be rooted for monitoring software to be installed. The software application has to be physically installed on the device, which means that you need to obtain consent from the owner prior to installation.

The Best WhatsApp Mobile Monitoring Software

There are many monitoring software apps for WhatsApp messages available online, but never get tempted to download freebies, as they will do you more harm than good. Carefully review all apps before settling on the one that best matches your needs and. There are many vendors available online who offer mobile monitoring solutions at affordable prices. The most reputed company is mSpy. It is considered the most reliable and contains the most useful features. The official mSpy website gives you complete information of their product so that you know exactly what you are getting upon purchase.

In addition to monitoring WhatsApp messenger, mSpy also monitors Viber, Skype and other IM tools on your Android or iPhone.

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