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Social networks are an indelible part of people’s nowadays. Of all the social networking sites, none is more popular than Facebook. With the popularity of Facebook comes reservations by parents and employers, who see it as an avenue harassment, data leaks or plain idleness to occur.

Reservations Of Parents And Employers Concerning Facebook

Facebook allows people from around the world to stay in touch with their friends and relatives quickly and with ease. The site also affords individuals the ability to find out information on their favorite celebrities, entertainers, local restaurants, events, and much more.

Along with all of the benefits that come with using Facebook, there are dangers that give parents and employers justifiable reasons for hesitating to letkids and employees access the site. It is because of these concerns and reservations that many parents and employers look for software, such as mSpy, to monitor Facebook usage.

Here are just a few of the reservations parents and employers have with kids and employees using Facebook.

  • Child Safety – Parents have concerns over cyber-predators and cyber-bullies. Strangers with inappropriate intentions can unwittingly contact children/teenagers.
  • Communication with unsavory friends – Children/teenagers may communicate with fellow classmates, kids, that their parents consider an unsavory influence.
  • Excessive use – Concerns related to an excessive amount of time spent on Facebook messenger that could be better served doing other more important things. This is true for parents and employers.
  • Posting or sharing of inappropriate or potentially offensive messages.

How to Monitor Facebook Messages

The monitoring of Facebook messages by concerned parents or employers is made easy with an application like mSpy. Once the application has been installed on the user’s device, the subscriber can monitor all Facebook messages from the control panel. Information includes the initiator and recipient of the message, the content of the message, along with the date and time of the message. Deleted messages are also included in the Facebook message history.

Giving Parents And Employers Peace Of Mind

Parents and employers who have taken the steps to install mSpy on their children and/or employees will be able to have peace of mind knowing.

Using this invaluable monitoring tool, a parent or employer will benefit from the following:

  • Comprehensive logs listing all messages sent or received on Facebook instant messenger (IM). This provides complete conversations held via Facebook IM.
  • Date and time tracking provides parents/employers to see how much time is spent on Facebook IM when other tasks need to be performed. This is useful for determining if kids are spending more time socializing than doing necessary schoolwork, etc. Employers can determine if employees are being as productive as necessary.
  • Facebook IDs displayed so parents can protect their children from people that may harm their children in some way.
  • Records all photos sent/received to allow parents/employers to verify personal, or critical company data, are not shared.

You might also want to check some mobile spy tips, which can help you optimize whole monitoring process.

Using mSpy affords parents and employers with detailed logs of all Facebook message activity to provide the peace of mind necessary regarding kids or employees.

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