How to track others text messages

How Does One Monitor Text Messages?

Many individuals have been looking for a way to be able to monitor their kids and employees text messages but don’t know which monitoring apps are the best option for them. Some people are taken by the prospect of acquiring free monitoring software, but it is highly advisable to resist the urge of claiming a deal that sounds too good to be true because in most instances, it really is. Most of these so-called free apps contain harmful malware and may even have the capabilities to steal your personal information all without ever delivering good on the promise of safe mobile monitoring. Rather you should invest some money in a reliable monitoring app, then pay even more down the line.

How Can Monitoring Application Be Installed On A Device?

Although it might seem sophisticated to the non-techie, the process of installing a monitoring app onto a mobile device is actually quite simple. After you have selected the app you desire and follow through with purchase you will need access to the user’s mobile phone for several few minutes in order to complete installation. This of course, requires prior consent from the device owner. Once installed, you may log into the Control Panel to begin viewing captured data from the app.

If you haven’t started your hunt for a mobile monitoring app, then you should look no further beyond mSpy. mSpy is the go-to app when you are looking to monitor: text messages; access photos, chat apps like WhatsApp and Viber, web browser history or calls and much, much more. mSpy will let you view all logged activity remotely from any location that has an internet connection. You should also not worry about not knowing what deleted messages contain because this app logs text messages even if they have been deleted from the user’s phone! Also being able to monitor the location of the mobile phone with advanced GPS tracking is quite useful for both parents and employers. mSpy is well regarded in the monitoring software market as well as among its 1 million person customer base.

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2 thoughts on How Does One Monitor Text Messages?

  • Frank



    Bought 6 months subscriptionTopSpy.
    Didn’t work from first moment.
    Lot of words from them, but still didn’t work.
    They lied me for more then 2 month’s and after that, I got this e-mail, see below.

    My money ? GONE

    Kind regards,

    Title – TopSpy service dissolution notification
    Dear Auto,

    We are sorry to inform you that as of today TopSpyApp service no longer exists.

    Please forward your financial inquiries to the billing company.

    Thank you for understanding!

    Kind regards.


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