Tracking of Children’s Tinder Accounts

In a world where almost everything has been taken online, your children are exposed to a plethora of threats of a very different nature than before. Cybercrimes against children and teenagers are increasing day by day, and the number of social apps being released isn’t helping in keeping the crimes low.

Tinder – Creepy, Even If Not for Children

tinder2_3074222bTinder is essentially an application that helps you meet someone in your vicinity that wants to ‘hook up’. In order to start the process, you go through a list of people and see their interests to decide them whether you ‘like’ them or not. If the same person that you’re interested in ‘likes’ you back, then Tinder gets you both in touch.

Now, this sounds very creepy even for adults to do, but the app is hugely popular. The problem arises when children and teenagers start using such applications. While some parents may be able to convince their children not to partake in such ‘social’ applications, many others can’t stop their children and teens from doing so.

The Threats to Children

Not only is the idea of your young teenage son or daughter getting involved in random physical relationship very unsettling, but Tinder is rampant with sexually inappropriate content that people use for their profiles. All of this combined makes this app a real threat to teenagers, especially when they are trying to define who they are as a person.

Tinder Monitoring Made Possible

The widely popular smartphone monitoring app, mSpy, has recently unveiled a new feature in its arsenal. mSpy now allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s Tinder accounts. This feature is truly a breath of fresh air for those parents who have been worried that their children might be getting involved with strangers for all the wrong reasons.

Check Messages and View Preferences:

With mSpy, you can now view all messages that have been sent and received by your child over Tinder. This will give you an instant understanding of who your children are talking to and if someone is trying to convince them to do something inappropriate over text message or call.
The app also allows you to view all the preferences your child has set in order to have Tinder choose possible matches for them. This gives you an insight into your child’s mind and helps you understand if something else might be going on that you don’t know of.

Not Just Tinder

mSpy not only lets you track Tinder accounts but also helps you find out virtually anything about your child’s phone usage. You can keep track of their SMS, call history, browsing data, media files, and much more. So if you’re a parent who is worried that your children might be involved in something that is not healthy for them, be sure to give mSpy a closer look and you might just save your children from something unpleasant.

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