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Using Spyware to Monitor Viber Calls and Messages

If you are not someone who keeps up with all of the latest smart phone applications then you may not be aware of Viber.  If you have children and want to know what they are up to, then it is essential you know what Viber does. Viber is a cell phone application that allows the users to make phone calls and send text messages. In most cases, phone calls made using the application are free but may require the use of the data on your cell phone plan, or a wireless internet connection. It is also possible to use the application on tablets, laptops, and PCs. Although there are many different chat clients available, because of the virtually free expense, Viber has become one of the most popular applications with teenagers and the tech savvy.

How to Monitor Viber

Monitoring what your kids are doing when using Viber requires the correct spyware software. Since Viber is a relatively new application not all spyware on the market has the ability to track the target devices activities. With mSpy, you can feel confident that you are seeing everything that is being done by your kids when they use Viber. Using an application like mSpy also allows you to monitor the calls and text messages sent without the use of Viber as well.

Before mSpy will be able to start monitoring calls and messages sent via Viber, the target device needs to be prepared properly. In order to prepare any Android device, you need to Root the device. Rooting the device will allow the application the permissions needed to monitor all Viber activity. In order to install monitoring software on iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, you have to Jailbreak them prior to the installation and use of mSpy.

Information Collected with mSpy

Once you have Rooted your Android devices or taken the time to Jailbreak your Apple devices, you will have the ability to access an assortment of data. Here is some of the key information you will find in your report from mSpy when accessing your mSpy control panel.

  • Texting data – mSpy will provide a detailed list of all messages sent and received via Viber on the target device.  The report will show all contents of the messages, including messages that have been deleted.
  • Phone call data – mSpy will provide a detailed list of all calls made and received via Viber. This includes the numbers called, length of calls, time, and date of all calls.
  • Photos and other files – The report will also contain all photos or files that have been sent via Viber providing you with insight into the kind of images/files being shared.

These are just some of the benefits provided by mSpy when monitoring Viber usage. If you have concerns, over whom your kids are talking to or texting when using Viber, consider installing monitoring software like mSpy today. With mSpy, you will have an inside track into what your kids are doing without their knowledge you are monitoring them.

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